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July "Lion's Roar"

  I pray that this summer finds you able to take time to relax, refresh, and restore this summer. Psalm 121 reminds us ,”Behold, the Lord who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” (Psalm 121:4).   God is a 24/7/365 God.   God does not take a vacation from love, grace, and faithfulness.   God’s presence is constant, even if we may not always see it or feel it. There is no better way to honor God and to thank God then by returning God’s love and faithfulness.   So, hopefully, you will find time to participate in worship over the summer.   The schedules, between All Saints’ and St. Mark’s, makes it easy.   Livestreaming also makes it convenient, even when on vacation.   You can attend a nearby church while on vacation, too. And don’t forget about your financial commitment to St. Mark’s.  Every church I have been a part of has struggled during the summer.  Too often summers mean lower attendance and a lag in offerings.  You can give online even when you are away.  You may also

Tech Time

 I am not a digital native.  I leave that to my beloved nieces and nephews.  I do find technology helpful and, even, meaningful. There are several apps I use on an almost daily basis.  There are podcasts that I listen to regularly. Here is a list- in no particular order of preference. The Bible in One Year app gives you a reading from the Hebrew Scriptures, Wisdom literature (Psalms or Proverbs), and the New Testament with a reflection and prayer for each day of the year.  BONUS: read by David Suchet, of Hercule Poirot fame. Pray as You Go is a wonderful app that helps you center and focus amidst the busyness of daily life.  I find it aides me in developing a mindfulness of God's constant presence. Day by Day, a ministry of Forward of Movement, is an app that allows you to pray the Daily Office.  As a bonus, there is a strong sense of community as your voice joins with the voices of the readers and officiants. Forward Movement also has its publication Forward Day by Day.  A great w