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"Doubting Thomas"

 Thomas, also called "The Twin" gets a bad rap.  We hardly remember him as Didymus (Twin).  Instead his legacy is as "Doubting Thomas." Especially in Western Christianity doubting and questioning are seen as bad things.  If one has doubts, then one's faith must be weak. I don't agree with that stance.  Questions can be a seed bed for a stronger faith if the search for answers leads us into a deeper connection with the Triune God. Certainly, Jesus allows for Thomas' doubts.  The Risen Lord does not call Thomas out.  There are no words of accusation from Jesus. Jesus encounters Thomas where he is, with all of his questions and doubts.  Jesus lovingly provides Thomas an opportunity for deeper relationship-- and a deeper faith. The part of Thomas' legacy that we don't hear much about is his witness after Easter.  Thomas, the legend goes, traveled to India in order to share the Good News. The Mar Thoma Church in India attributes its existence to Thoma

The Ministry of Deacons (April Lion's Roar)

I am very excited to announce an addition to St. Mark’s.   The Reverend Deacon David Stickley has been appointed to St. Mark’s by Bishop DeDe.   David is appointed for a one-year trial period starting 1 April.   Please see David’s biography in this Lion’s Roar to learn more about him.   Deacon Dorothy Pierce will continue her ministry with All Saints’ in Johnson City. Deacons are a specific order of ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church.   As noted above, Deacons serve under the direction of a Bishop and are appointed by a Bishop.   Deacons are ordained to a special ministry of Word and Service.   Deacons proclaim the Gospel, set the Table, and dismiss us in the Sunday liturgy.   They typically also preach, teach, and offer pastoral care along with the priest of a parish. Deacons are a bridge between the church and the world.   A Deacon is to interpret the church to the world and to interpret the needs of the world to the church as well as to assist the church in responding to