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September Lion's Roar

September is gearing up to be a very busy month!   Of course, there is the start of a new school year for our students, teachers, and staff.   We pray for a safe and successful academic year.   All who are involved in education are invited to bring their backpacks or book bags for a blessing on Sunday, 10 September.   I will welcome you up to the Altar rail following the Offering and offer a prayer for the coming school year over you. September means that it is also time to get back to our academic year programming.   There will be lots to participate in and be a part of here at St. Mark’s as well as at All Saints’.   Please read on to learn more about Sunday School, Bible study, and some other opportunities for fellowship, fun, and food.   You’ll also want to stay tuned to your weekly announcements and eNotes as well for additional information and/or updates.   And, please, spread the word to your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Last month, I introduced the first two of “The Te

A Meme

 Recently, I posted the following meme from Clergy Coaching Network: Needless to say, this post got a few angry faces (for a variety of reasons, I imagine).  I can only guess in a few cases.  Perhaps for some it comes too close to home, even if they may not realize it.  The meme also sparked some comments about what is the past.  This, and another post concerning what churches need to unlearn, has me thinking. Most congregations are stuck.  Those who are in the pews recall a "Golden Age," when the pews were filled, Sunday Schools rooms were packed, and several choirs existed.  There is an inherent longing to go back to those days without much work to make that happen.  Often, this is coupled with a lack of imagination that resists any form of change or innovation that may be much needed. Churches seem to have lost the concept that the people are the ministers.  The people, not the clergy, are responsible for their churches' mission and ministry.  We, as the church, need t