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Stay awake! (December Lion's Roar)

  I write this just before Thanksgiving.   We are about to enter the season of Advent.   Advent comes from the Latin and means “to come.”   During Advent we wait and watch for the coming of the Christ Child, God with us.   This is not a passive process.   Jesus reminds us that you and I are to be constantly awake and ready for when he comes again. Here are some suggestions for how you and I might use Advent to prepare our hearts and minds this year. *Have a family devotional time around the Advent Wreath at either breakfast or dinner.  The Wreath does not need to be fancy: four candles in a circle and you have an Advent Wreath. *Watch “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas.”   I especially love the part when Linus shares the story of Christmas with Charlie Brown and his friends. *Read “A Christmas Carol,” perhaps aloud with your household.   There are also several movie versions Dickens’ classic tale. *Listen to your favorite music.   The Christmas portion Handel’s Messiah is a must for

Why do I give?

  “Why do you give?”                This is a great question as we begin to prayerfully consider our commitments for 2023.   For many of us, that question probably has many answers.             I give because God expects it.   Early in the life of God’s people, God commanded that they give 10% back to God.   This is a sign that they can trust God to takes care of them and provide for their needs.   It also reminds them that all things come from God, you and I are only temporary caretakers.             I give because I am grateful for all God has done for me.   God has given me health, safety, life, a loving family, friends . . .the list could go on and on. I give because I love God’s church.   I love the people and the community here.   I believe that together we can do great things in our part of the mission field.   I give to make that possible.             I give because it deepens my walk with God.   Giving is not always easy.   Often it is a stretch and makes me set clear