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A Lenten Primer, part II

 Most of us associate Lent with fasting and denial.  We give something up in order that we may experience the great sacrifice made on our behalf.  Coffee, alcohol, and meat are some of the common things given up for Lent. Fasting is a important spiritual practice when done properly.  There are also many ways to fast, such as eating smaller and simpler meals than normal.  Your primary care physician should always been consulted before taking up fasting. I like to think about adding.  About taking something on for Lent.  Maybe I read a spiritually based book.  Perhaps I take on a spiritual discipline for the season.  These are above my normal practice of reading the Bible and praying the Daily Office every day. Lent is forty (40) days.  The number forty is found a lot in the Scriptures as a way of saying "a goodly length of time."  Moses was up on Mount Sinai for forty days.  Jesus fasted and prayed in the wilderness for forty days. If you count from Ash Wednesday to Easter, yo