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Bonus Blog: A Tale of a Chicken BBQ

 I have an extra blog for you today.  This is to make up for not blogging earlier this month . . . life, once again, gets in the way of the best laid plans ;-) One of the church I am in ministry with just had a chicken BBQ fundraiser.  This is something they do about twice a year. The chicken is marinated and then set on racks over a pit formed by cinder blocks.  There the birds cook until they are ready. About an hour before we were officially "open," "Gregory" (not his real name) stopped by and bought several chicken dinners. Greg just happened to driving through the area on the highway when he noticed a familiar scent in the air.  He had grown up in an Episcopal church up north and worked the chicken BBQ fundraiser with his dad as a teen. "I know that smell!"  Greg exclaimed. He promptly pulled off the highway and followed the scent to our chicken BBQ. Gregory was warmly welcomed and a few of us had the opportunity to talk with him as he waited for his

A D-V+ Top Ten List

 Soon I will celebrate 23 years of ordained ministry.  By the grace of God, and with the people consenting, I was ordained as a transitional Deacon on the Feast of the Martyrs of Uganda (3 June). Once in a while, I mention my "list" of favorite hymns in a sermon . . . and there are MANY of them.  Hymns speak to us and teach us about faith in ways theology books can not. Here are some of my favorite hymns, for the first time assembled in a list.  I'd be interested in hearing from you about your favorites. 10) When I survey the wondrous cross 9) Joyful, joyful we adore Thee 8) Hymn of Promise 7) How great Thou art 6) Great is thy faithfulness 5) My faith is built on nothing less 4) O, for a thousand tongues to sing 3) Holy, Holy, Holy 2) Amazing grace and 10) And can it be that I should gain