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 A political activist I am not.  I do believe in the gift and importance of voting, however.  I believe that it is our privilege and our duty to vote in elections. In a few weeks we in the United States of America have a crucial opportunity to let our voices be heard.  Normally, mid-term elections are considered insignificant in comparison with presidential elections.  I  feel that is not the case this year. I truly feel that these year's mid-terms elections are every bit as vital to our nation, to our democracy as the presidential elections. I do not believe that it is my place as a member of clergy to tell you whom to vote for.  That is not my place nor is it ethical.  To tell you whom to vote for is a betrayal of my role as a pastor. You will never hear me tell you to vote for candidate X over candidate Z.  I will not tell you to vote yes or no on a certain amendment/ballot initiative. What you will hear me say is "VOTE!"   In these next few weeks I encourage you to re

October Lion's Roar

  “At 211*, water is hot. At 212*, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive.”   One degree makes the difference between boiling water and steam powerful enough to run a steam engine.   I first heard these words as a volunteer hospital Chaplain.   I was part of a leadership conference the hospital was hosting.   Leaders from every floor and department were represented. After we watched the short video, “212*: The extra degree,” we spent time in discussion around our tables.   What would it look like if we each gave that one extra degree?   How would that impact our floor or department?   What would the overall effect be upon the hospital? Followers of Jesus often talk about giving in terms of giving of the time, talents, and treasures God has entrusted to our care.   Of how you and I are only temporary caretakers of what God graciously entrusts into our care. What would it look like if each and every one of us gave one degree more?