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Time, Talent, Treasure, and Testimony (September's Lion's Roar)

“You know that our Lord Jesus Christ was kind enough to give up all his riches and become poor, so that you could become rich.   A year ago you were the first ones to give, and you gave because you wanted to.   So listen to my advice.   I think you should finish what you started.   If you give according to what you have, you will prove that you are as eager to give as you were to think about giving.   It doesn’t matter how much you have.   What matters is how much you are willing to give from what you have.” These words come from Paul’s second letter to the community in Corinth (8:9-12).   Here Paul is not just talking about money and our financial giving to the Church.   Although our level of giving is a reflection of the true depth of our love for God.   Paul is encouraging all believers to put their faith into action, to give generously of their time, talent, treasure, and testimony. What might such generosity look like?   Below are a few ideas: • Show up for work (or school)