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I had major heart surgery almost three years ago.  I was in cardiac rehab for three months following the surgery.  This began a more intentional lifestyle for me.  I started to walk more regularly to continue my progress and to improve my overall health. A few months back I began posting on social media with the hastag walkingwonders. #walkingwonders helps keep me accountable.  It gets me out there to continue walking at least five times a week. #walkingwonders is also about connecting with God's creation.  I feel closer to God when I am out in nature. In addition, #walkingwonders is about being mindful.  About being present in the moment and taking time to notice God's presence around me. I don't always find a flower, a bird, or a rabbit when I walk.  Some days there is just the promise, the glimmer of hope that reminds me God is near.