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"Ready or Not!" a sermon for 12 November 2023

            One of my favorite games as a child was hide-n-seek.   I am sure you all know the game.   Children around the world have played the game for generations.   There was the thrill of finding the perfect hiding spot.   The excitement of being the seeker and finding your friends.   “Ready or not, here I come!”             This morning, Jesus is like the seeker.   Jesus calls out “Ready or not, here I come!”   Some context is helpful here.   We are in Holy Week in the timeline of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry.   So Jesus is preparing His followers for what is to come.   Especially for the time when He is not longer physically with them.             Matthew chapter 25 contains 3 parables, three stories.   Each teaching tells us something about the end times.   Here it is important to remember that Jesus is not trying to scare us or intimidate us.   Jesus, rather, is aiming to help us live life at its fullest.   To fully love God and to love our neighbor as our selves.