December Lion's Roar

Dear Ones,

Advent is almost here!  A very special baby is on the way!!  As with any other human baby, this baby requires that you and I prepare for the birth.  We must get our hearts and minds ready to receive the Christ Child within us.  This is an inner, spiritual type of getting ready as opposed to an external kind of preparation.

Deacon Dorothy and I will be leading a special Advent series on the Tuesdays of Advent.  The sessions will be both in-person as well as via Zoom.  Each session will start at 4p with a simple soup and bread supper before the program at 5p.  The series will be held at All Saints’ but St. Markians are invited to join us.  Please RSVP to Dawn-Victoria+ so we can make sure there is enough food.  You can also contact her for the Zoom link.

This month concludes the first look at the “Ten (plus one) Rules of Respect.”  One of the greatest gifts we can give one another is to treat each other with kindness, respect, and compassion as fellow beloved Children of God.  Each and every one of us carries the image of God within us.  “Respecting the dignity of every human being’ (BCP, p. 305) leaves no room for spreading false stories, disrespect, talking behind one another’s backs, intolerance, or being rude to one another.

Here are the ninth and tenth rules:

 9. I do not manipulate; I will not be manipulated; do not let others manipulate you.  Do not let others manipulate me through you.  I will not preach “at you.”  I will leave conviction to the Holy Spirit (she does it better anyway!)


10. When in doubt, just say it.  The only dumb questions are those that don’t get asked.  Our relationships with one another, at the end of the day, are the most important things so if you have a concern, pray, and then (if led) speak up.  If I can answer it without misrepresenting something, someone, or breaking a confidence, I will.


and the 11th rule:


Pray for one another.  That’s not just a throwaway line.  Lifting one another to God in prayer is how we learn, slowly and sometimes painfully, but ultimately joyfully, to see each other with God’s eyes, hear each other with God’s ears and love each other with God’s heart.  My holding you in prayer will always include me asking God to love you through me.  Pray that for me and for one another.


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